1. I looked at a few youth ministry positions last week. What’s amazing is how many I’ve seen before. Meaning, after a couple of years, they are once again looking for someone. There are a number of reasons this happens. But you should always expect it when you look for a minister of the gospel in the same way you look for a PR guy.

2. You can now read old statuses from the same day on Facebook. It was two years ago today, my dad was dying in ICU and then my car died.

3. I suppose when your book is called, The God of the Mundane, it is fitting the first book event is 2.5 years after being published.

4. There needs to be a way/place to critique christian teachers while still  esteeming what they’ve contributed.

5. Fantasy baseball will teach you about the sovereignty of God and your own control issues.

6. I’d rather be on the couch with my wife than the beach with anyone else.

7. Anytime I’ve ever disagreed with J.I. Packer, I’ve assumed I’m wrong. And then realized I was right. About being wrong.

8. I’ve gotten to a point where the most satisfying writing I’m doing may never be for public consumption. I can’t figure that out. But Anne Lamott is right about the negative effects on your psyche of getting published.

9. I don’t want to be part of the evangelical industrial machine.

10. Sometimes God will take you to a low point so can look into the eyes of others who are also there, and then you will understand God’s goodness.