Random Thoughts for The Weekend

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1. My first thought about the Coronavirus – which I truly know next to nothing about – is this: “Do not worry about your life…seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness.” I do not blame those who seek ways to protect themselves. Only seek his kingdom and righteousness with the same determination. Or more.

2. It was not easy being without glasses or any corrective lenses for about 10 days. It was like a disability, though slight. But I learned to slow down a little. “I cannot do that,” was a refrain. Walking was not even always easy. But it felt like a gift I was glad to give back.

3. The newscasts and news sites are calculated to make you worry and be afraid. The Scriptures are calculated to make you unafraid. Ignore the former and feast on the latter.

4. “How can I love them well?” should be the question I am trying to answer when dealing with my kids (at home and at school) when they have done something wrong. But often it is the question I am trying to answer after I have showed them I am angry and neither of us liked what we saw.

5. It is good to look at, listen to, or taste something beautiful, knowing it comes from God.

6. I recently ate pizza seven days in a row, so I kinda know what it’s like to realize your dream and wonder what to do now.

7. In God’s providence I am just now discovering St. Augustine’s life and writings, thanks to James K.A. Smith’s newest book, which I strongly recommend. Both the life and the writings are all at once convicting and encouraging. Nothing helps you along the road away from sectarian thinking more than the Church Fathers.

8. Not knowing what everyone is angry about is the best thing about not paying attention to social media.

9. Asking for forgiveness will make you feel terribly good.

10. Loving and respecting the people you work with, these fellow teachers in the trenches, is an incalculable gift.

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