Thursday’s Random Thoughts

1. I can’t wait till winter.

2. I don’t appreciate all these churches doing VBS on the same week. Who is going to watch our kids on the mornings when there are no VBS’s going?

3. When I enter my calories into my Lose It! app, I immediately get hungry.

4. Me amo mojitos.

5. Wait, someone needs to tell me again why I’m not supposed to like Palin? I can never remember.

6. I’m not sure why, but my pride swelled for Birmingham when I read the story about a wild black bear being found in town.

7. Remember the good ole days, when we had rain?

8. I only drink free range mojitos.

9. I can’t believe Oprah quit doing the whole book club thing right before the release of my book. The luck, huh?

10. If I ever own a professional ball club here in Birmingham, I’m calling ’em the freaking “Wild Black Bears.”